Alexandra Mandelkorn
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Alexandra Mandelkorn
✨ details ✨ @megalyn @hamelofficial @misho_designs #stylexmandelkorn
✨glimmering goddess of celestial light! what a dream this whole experience was. so grateful to collaborate with some of the most creative minds in the universe. thank you @janellemonae @ralphlauren and everyone else who worked so tirelessly on this magical creation. 168,000 crystals and 600+ hours later... a sparkle queen was born!✨
@megalyn serving some architectural #zahahadid vibes at the #vanityfairoscarparty in @hamelofficial @misho_designs @stuartweitzman #stylexmandelkorn [asst]: @bianca_agrusa
🌸 Janelle MoMaequeen performing at #TheOscars last night 🌸 thank you to the most amazing @bebeaguirre_ for working tirelessly on this incredible #Midsommer inspired cape. My team is 💯! #stylexmandelkorn
❕VANITY FAIR OSCAR PARTY❕@megalyn @hamelofficial @stuartweitzman #stylexmandelkorn [asst]: @bianca_agrusa
✨OSCARS 2020✨ this performance though!! so proud of this electric lady and the energy she brought to the academy tonight ⚡️ a whoooole ICON! #stylexmandelkorn in custom @ralphlauren @esquivelshoes @xivkarats
✨ OSCARS 2020 ✨ @janellemonae @ralphlauren @forevermark #stylexmandelkorn
✨ OSCARS 2020✨ @janellemonae in custom @ralphlauren + @forevermark #stylexmandelkorn [hair]: @nikkinelms [makeup]: @jessicasmalls [nails]: @sreyninpeng
✨OSCARS 2020 ✨ @janellemonae @ralphlauren @forevermark @jessicasmalls @nikkinelms #stylexmandelkorn
⚪️ @janellemonae in @marcjacobs for @essence #blackwomeninhollywood #stylexmandelkorn ⚪️ [tap for credits]