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For whatever’s cooking. ⁣ ⁣ Featured in @archdigest, @nytimes, @fastcompany, @epicurious, and more.
@woldykusina, NYC-based chef and caterer: “The life that I knew before this, and my livelihood, have completely flipped 360 degrees... and now, the future looks scary. Food entrepreneurs are all trying to figure out a way to survive through this.” Follow along in IGS above to see how Woldy is shifting his business to help others. 📸: @kelseycherry
“The other day I did something for the first time - I completely cleaned out our cooking utensils and I’m happy to report that my drawers are BARE thanks to @materialkitchen fundamentals set. This set includes seven pieces of kitchenware that will literally replace your current cluttered kitchen drawers.” - @eacourts
It’s (almost) like we’re on vacation. 📸:
Your trusty serrated sidekick... for sourdough, sandwiches and soft-skinned snacks. 📸: @freshexchange
Open windows and a WFH nook. Pretty perfect if you ask us. #KitchenMaterial 📸: @shannonmcgrath7, design: @robsonrakarchitects
Anyone else in awe of how much coffee you go through when WFH? 📸: @theranchuncommon
No need to dirty a dish. Grab a fork and dig right in. 📸: @noreenwasti
For when you’re over banana bread. 📸: @sylviatribel
Today, especially today, we take a step back to live thoughtfully and intentionally, focusing on the things we truly need over excess. #earthday 📸: @steph.pollock
A new normal. Things have changed—and so should the way we shop online. Today, we’re excited to announce our try before you buy program: cook with what you love, decide what you want, and pay later. No fine print, no fees, no hidden costs. Shop now at the link in our bio.