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From now until Christmas, it's the time in these parts where diners in Norwegian sweaters crowd into church basements to partake in a holiday tradition: a dinner of reconstituted, dried codfish that's been preserved in lye, and then brought back to glistening life as lutefisk. Many say the lutefisk tradition is fading in Minnesota households. But Mindekirken, or the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church, in south Minneapolis has been the premier destination for this Norwegian feast for decades. Each year its volunteers serve some 500 diners on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Have you tried lutefisk? How would you describe it? 📷: Christine T. Nguyen @xinewin | MPR News ... #mprphotos #lutefisk #norway #minnesotaphotographer
🔊 on! The practice of shinrin-yoku, or
Bread science alert! Wheat farmers thought they had a solid crop that might turn a profit in a bleak year for agriculture. Then they hauled the crop to the elevator and found out an unexpected problem sharply reduced the value of the crop. The culprit? A quality issue called “falling numbers.” It’s affecting farmers from Minnesota to Montana — the hard red spring wheat belt of the United States — “and it's nothing that we have control over,” said Betsy Jensen, a farmer from Stephen, Minn. To assess a batch, research specialist DeLane Olsen mixes flour and water in test tubes. A machine shakes the tubes to create a gravy-like slurry, then they’re placed in a hot water bath while another machine stirs the mixture with pencil-sized steel rods.
The cisco is a fish in demand: Its meat graces Passover tables as gefilte fish, and its eggs are a delicacy in Scandinavia. Commercial fishing operations on Lake Superior’s North Shore depend on it. But there are signs that the cisco, also known as lake herring, may also be a fish in peril. As climate change makes Lake Superior’s winter ice cover — which helps cisco eggs hatch by protecting them from the elements — less reliable, researchers say Minnesota’s deep-rooted North Shore cisco fishery faces an uncertain future. Read more about how it's impacting fishing operations and the people who regularly buy the fish at Are you a lake herring fan? Have you noticed a change in price or availability for this fish? Photos by Dan Ackerman for MPR News #fish #fishing #environment #climatechange #lakesuperior #ice #warming #eggs #food #conservation #cisco #herring #mprphotos #minnesota
A group that helps Minnesotans sign up for health plans has found that cultural competency among its staff is a must. “A lot of people, as you know, face barriers to accessing health insurance and navigating the health care system,” said Hodan Guled, the organization’s CEO. “Briva Health was founded to kind of bridge that gap and make sure that nobody falls through the cracks in accessing the health care that they need.” Aside from English, Guled’s staff can speak Spanish, Somali, Arabic, Amharic, Oromo and Urdu. The group also offers a translation service if there aren’t staffers on site who can speak a language that someone needs. Check out for the full story. Photos by Christine T. Nguyen (@xinewin) | MPR News #healthcare #minnesota #helping #culture #language #languagebarriers #insurance #healthinsurance #mprphotos
Last December, the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology, a state board that handles licensing and salon inspections, issued a bulletin that said anyone getting paid to do freelance hair and makeup for special events would need the same license as a manager of a salon, which requires thousands of hours of training in cosmetology. Freelance makeup artists have filed a lawsuit against the Board over the new rules which have already shut down some businesses and left others paying thousands of dollars in fines. The freelancers are also trying to change state law. Read the full story at Photos by Christine T. Ngyuen (@xinewin) | MPR News #fashion #wedding #makeup #hair #freelance #beauty #business #selfemployed #smallbusiness #cosmetology #law #minnesota #mprphotos @facesectofmn
More and more rental units are allowing cats and dogs, but the cost of keeping a pet in an apartment is often enough of a bite that pet owners have to think about what their apartment costs per square foot and per paw. In addition to an extra pet deposit, many properties charge a monthly pet rent. “We've looked at some places where online it says $1,000 per dog deposit, which is insane,” said Naomi Kuster who has a greyhound, Opie, and a dachshund mix, Blue. There's also the price of PooPrints -- “They have her DNA,” said Calvin Hoffman about his dog, Missy. If Hoffman fails to pick up after Missy responds to nature's call, the two of them could be in trouble. But allowing pets is still a must on many people's list when looking for a new home. “I love animals. And my kitty is like an emotional companion,” said Andrew Phillips, who lives with his cat, Perris, in the Edgerton Hi-Rise Apartments St. Paul's East Side. “I cannot even imagine living without a pet.” Do you rent with a pet? Do you think the associated charges are over the top or just right? Let us know in the comments and check out the full story on Photos by Martin Moylan | MPR News #renting #pets #dogs #cats #kitties #puppies #family #apartments #rental #money #housing #twincities #metro #minneapolis #stpaul #mprphotos #minnesota
Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis on a cold November morning. MPR Newseditor @kruegerpix went out to catch this video in the 14 degrees temperature. 🎥: Andrew Krueger @kruegerpix | MPR News .... #mprphotos #outsideinmn #minnehahafalls #brrrr #waterfalls
Bells rang at Cathedral of St. Paul 11 times at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, 2019 in honor of service veterans. Churches in Minneapolis and St. Paul took part in the city-wide bell ringing event sponsored by City of Bells. The Minneapolis-based nonprofit also rang a replica of the famed Liberty Bell on the Minnesota Capitol complex grounds with the help of two former governors -- Al Quie and Jesse Ventura. Check out the full story at -- Video by Christine T. Nguyen (@xinewin) Photos by Evan Frost (@efrostee) | MPR News #veterans #VeteransDay #bells #libertybell #minnesota #military #honor #mprphotos
Thousands of sci-fi and fantasy fans, many in costume, are gathering at the Minneapolis Convention Center during this weekend's @galaxyconminneapolis . The three-day event continues on Sunday and features celebrity appearances, panel discussions, board games, video games and collectibles. And lots of cosplayers and others in costume, all in a friendly, collegial atmosphere. More photos at 📷: Andy Kosier | MPR News .... #galaxycon #galaxyconminneapolis #cosplay #startrek #ghostbusters #comicon #groot #starwars #scififantasy