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Natalie Zea
Guys. I did a work thing. With this guy! Check your local listings. #IOnlyWorkWith80sIcons
I’m a sucker for a backdrop.
Truly an honor to be quoted in a book about childbirth! And of course It’s me cursing because 🙄 @brittabushnellphd is the reason I had the childbirth experience I had. If you’re looking to get knocked up, I implore you to add this book to your library. Thank you, Britta, for your infinite wisdom. #TransformedByBirth
Tonight. #TheDetour #Japan
5 Years. #Wood @travis.schuldt
These ladies - Emma & Abbey - are the true MVPs of last week and this week’s episodes. They doubled the shit out of Robin and BJ and now I know their last names! #TheDetour @abbeydutt @its.emma.johnson
Leading #ManCrushMonday Because #TheDetour’s about to get real cuntry. @travis.schuldt
Tonight on #TheDetour #CallYourMom