Odesa Film Festival
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Odesa Film Festival
We have two good ideas for you! ⠀ 1️⃣ Let's watch the video of the 10th Odesa International Film Festival to remind ourselves how unbelievable it was ⠀ 2️⃣ Get your passes to the OIFF 2020 at the best price of 1400 UAH! Hurry up! Only a few passes left 💥 ⠀ Check the link in bio and unforgettable film hits of the year will be waiting for you July 10-18, 2020 at the 11th OIFF! 🎞 ⠀ #iloveoiff #омкф2019 #oiff2019 #10летОМКФ #odesainternationalfilmfestival #odesainternationalfilmfestival2019 #одеськийкінофестиваль #ОМКФ2020 #OIFF2020
We know how to prolong the holiday mood! 💥You should buy Festival Pass to the 11th OIFF at the lowest price of 1400 UAH. It can be easily done by following the link in bio and just choosing the type of the pass/ ⠀ Ticket to the best summer of 2020 is almost in your pocket! Hurry up, there are very few promotional passes left! ⠀ You will get to spend 9 July days in beautiful Odesa, making photos with international movie stars and personally chatting with special guests of OIFF. It will become the greatest event of your summer! ⠀ Will you join us July 10-18?📆 ⠀ #OIFF #ОМКФ #Odesa #Одесса
OIFF team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Film Year! ⠀ #OIFF #ОМКФ #Christmas #NewYear #NewYear2020
What films are your favourite from all programs of the 10th Odesa International Film Festival? ⠀ In the comment section please name three movies that impressed you the most at the OIFF and tell us why. ⠀ While you are thinking about your personal top 3, let’s vote for one of these films😉 ⠀ 1️⃣ Pain and Glory VS 2️⃣ Parasite ⠀ #OIFF #filmfestival #ОМКФ
There is less than a week left before the New Year! ⭐️✨ ⠀ If you still haven’t bought Festival pass at a special price of 1400 UAH, we suggest you hurry up with the purchase as their number is dropping each day. And there is little time left until the end of the Happy Days offer — the promotion is valid until January 10th📆 ⠀ You can choose your Festival pass to the OIFF-2020 at a promotional price following the link in the bio or in stories 🚀 ⠀ Only for 1400 UAH you will get to spend 9 days among movie lovers and those who just adore Odesa in the summer!🎥 ⠀ #OIFF #ОМКФ #happydays #filmfestival #Odesa
We are looking forward both to the New Year and the 11th Odesa International Film Festival! 💫✨In the New Year July 10-18 we will be waiting for you in warm Odesa. ⠀ Dear followers, what is your favorite #OIFF locations in Odesa? Write in comments! ⠀ Or maybe someone is at one of OIFF's favorite locations, the Potemkin Stairs, right now? ⠀ Please do tell and tag us on your photos or in stories 📲 ⠀ #filmfestival #ОМКФ #кинофестиваль #Odesa
Ukraine has been waiting for it to happen for almost 20 years, and on December 19, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed the long-awaited law on joining the #Eurimages. ⠀ “This is a historic moment for the Ukrainian film industry. The Odesa International Film Festival has made every effort to familiarize the Ukrainian film community with the opportunities that Ukraine's participation in the European Cinema Support Fund opens up. I am extremely pleased that these efforts, as well as the great work of all the stakeholders, have finally produced a great result. This offers additional opportunities for Ukrainian producers to finance and distribute films, as well as opportunities for the promotion of high quality European cinema
We continue to introduce you to the favorite films of our movies stars. Today television presenter and actress Darya Tregubova shares her list of iconic films. ⠀ Here it goes: ⠀ 1.
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