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Silver is the new Grey! @dove and the @Pantone Colour Institute launch spectrum of natural silver hair colours to show women how beautiful grey hair colours are. Vogue Deputy Editor @sarahharris embraces her Pantone Shade to show women that going silver is a positive – and beautiful – change. “I never really considered dying my hair. I think it’s so empowering to finally see more and more women of every age embrace their grey hair, but I can understand the nervousness around it in a society that’s largely obsessed with looking young, and so this launch - and anything that boosts the confidence of women going all shades of grey - is refreshing. My Pantone Shade is Silver is the new Grey.”
“We often use several vendors for one packaging/identity suite. Because of this it’s crucial to have the Pantone Formula Guide - all of the vendors use to insure consistency throughout the entire suite.” - @katiforner Use code CYBER15 for 15% off + free shipping on
“All of our design is rooted in minimalism. We are often inspired by the clean and thoughtful approach seen in Japanese design. We try to bring this “less is more” approach to everything we design.” - @katiforner
“Pantone is the universal color guide used by all vendors - worldwide, which makes it seamless when color matching from piece to piece in an identity suite.” - @katiforner
An eye for composition. @pantoneeyewear #PANTONEyewear #ad
Swing the balance. @pantoneeyewear #PANTONEyewear #sponsored
An eye for opportunity. @pantoneeyewear #PANTONEyewear #ad
Artist @andrewbfaris’s paintings manipulate viewers, creating deceptions in perception of foreground, illusions of vibration and movement, relations to shadow and depth, as well as sensuality and tactility
”I enjoy the process of simplifying an idea without diluting it. Color moves me. Color conveys so many feelings for me. Color communicates in ways beyond words. Color is ineffable and that is what attracts me to it. It’s its own language.” - Artist @andrewbfaris
“Color and form are the linchpins of my work, if not the primary focus.” - Artist @andrewbfaris