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In an effort to help underground communities stay afloat despite spaces, clubs, venues, studios shutting down, festivals and events being cancelled until further notice, @keephushuk are launching their merch services to create new revenue streams for djs, musicians & promoters. “Living la vida logo” is my attempt at shouting out all the signs/signifiers that have marked my life: bands, music labels, places I’ve worked at, venues I’ve played at, lived at, Taiwanese staples, foods, drinks, pictures I’ve taken throughout the years… all gathered under one obsessive idea to be keeping records of time passing. A snapshot of my collector/hoarder’s mess, on some REAL MEMORABILIA MANIA 😅 The tee is now for sale through the link in my bio with all profits to be re-invested into @theblackcurriculum
It’s not vintage but it’s bootleg! #backtheunderground
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