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My life has changed so much since I met mothers2mothers. I have become independent, confident and can now provide for my children, and be a role model for them. My journey of accepting and disclosing my HIV status, and helping others do the same, is an example to my children that they can overcome anything, and be whoever they want to be. ⁣

What are my hopes and dreams for my children? I dream they will live life in a way that makes them happy. I have tried so hard to keep my children HIV-free and I hope they will do the same as they get older. ⁣

I gave birth to HIV-free children because of the support I received from m2m Mentor Mothers and the knowledge and experiences they shared with me – because they too were once diagnosed with HIV but came out stronger on the other end. I want every girl, women and mother in South Africa – and beyond – to have this opportunity, and to feel supported and safe like I did when I was pregnant. Mentor Mothers are not letting HIV stop them reach their full potential. Others shouldn’t be either. With your help, we can make this a reality. ⁣

A huge thank you to Stephanie Phair for letting me take over her @Instagram today. I’ve loved sharing our work with you all and hope you enjoyed learning more about mothers2mothers. If you’ve been inspired please follow @mothers2mothers and join us on our journey to health, hope, and an HIV-free future. ⁣

Thank you! Nobuntu.

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