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MY $1 SKINCARE ROUTINE… daily add on!

Nobody ever says no to more masks, right?

I’m personally a fan of multiple masks in a pack – other than the fact that it’s a little more sustainable, it also makes me want to mask everyday to finish it up.

To make masking affordable and something you can do daily, @KOSECosmeportSG has launched their $28 mask box for 28 pieces of masks!

If you don’t already mask daily, here’s a great box to start with and join us on the #ClearTurn28Days Challenge! It’s a good mix of their available daily masks, from 5-min basic masks, to their 20-min premium masks so that you can rotate them on different days of the week.

Daily masking keeps your skin moist, and when your skin is hydrated and happy, it also actually helps you absorb your skincare better. I’m a sucker for all things Japanese so yes, this is all made in Japan and to me that’s a quality assurance!

Available in Guardian stores, or shop the bundle online now at bit.ly/GuardianMaskBundle #sp