prism by Netflix
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prism by Netflix
tag yourself i’m valentina
This is a @ladarius_marshall17 stan account now. You are a beacon of light for all us “extra” folks out here. 🤸🏽‍♂️
Queer excellence turning it all the way out last night at our Golden Globes fiesta!!
In honor of Christina Aguilera’s birthday, we present to you one of her most substantive yet unsung contributions to pop culture...Burlesque
When you’re gay it’s Christmas all year round I don’t make the rules
*gay sobbing* This @ItGetsBetter roundtable is exactly what I needed right now, thank you @liv.hewson
ok ya friday is great or whatever but isn’t it better when there’s a new ep of @trixiemattel & @katya_zamo ‘s show?
Ashley Tisdale trying to ask this barista out on a date is all of us.
I’m shaking.
Triple history! @jvn is the first openly non-binary and first openly HIV-positive cover star of Cosmo, and the first non-female cover in 35 years— Well hello, let’s celebrate that!