Rama Jee Lashes
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Rama Jee Lashes
#Midnight is specially designed with dual color in its strainds. It gives you glamour look pn your eyelashes with natural color at the same time. All time #BestSeller 😍 - #RJLashes
Glam Makeup look brushed by @its_ryanmoe wearing #CelebritySeries #Twilight. #Twilight is one of our collaboration with @ayutingting92 . It looks so natural and your eyes will definitely look pretty awesome! Swipe left for #Twilight's detail 👈🏻 #RJLashes
Tampilan makeup natural tetap membutuhkan bulumata yang bisa memberikan tampilan elegan dimata. Hanya dengan 1 pasang #Madgirl, tampilan mata kamu akan terlihat lebih hidup. Helaian ditiap layernya memberikan volume yang pas dan terlihat cantik disetiap tampilan sehari hari kamu. Geser ke kiri untuk detailnya yah! 👈🏻 - #RJLashes
Couldn't agree more! 😍 A well groomed eyelashes will give you lots of confidence. Get yours by wearing #RJLashes anywhere and everywhere ✨
Ada yang pernah coba tipe terbaru dari #CelebritySeries #Madgirl? Helaian #Madgirl terbuat dari natural #mink berkualitas premium. Dibuat dengan desain sederhana menjadikan #Madgirl cocok dipakai untuk melengkapi daily makeup kamu. Band bulumatanya sangat lentur dan fleksibel sehingga mudah mengikuti bentuk mata dan nyaman dipakai seharian. Geser ke kiri untuk detail #Madgirl 👈🏻 Ready to order ✨ - #RJLashes
Lashes speak louder than words. Yes, we all do agree on that, don't we? A perfect makeup with a right pair of eyelashes, can tell the world how gorgeous you are. Look at @firmanuchilmakeup makeup result with #Twilight on her model eyes. How pretty! - #RJLashes #Oneisenough
How many lashes do you usually use to create a perfect eye makeup? Now you can get it with only a pair of #BackstageSeries #Extravaganza . A perfect 3D lashes which will add some magic to your eyes and make it looks glamorous. Ready to order ✨ - #RJLashes
Welcome our newest #oneisenough #BackstageSeries #EXTRAVAGANZA For all of you that in need of voluminous and extraordinary lashes! . Be bold, be extravagant, be you with our #EXTRAVAGANZA . . #RJLashes
Faux eyelashes should not hurt your eyes. It has to be comfortable all the time. #Playful and #Spotlight, #BestSeller from our #RunwaySeries are a lightweight faux eyelashes we could offer you. The band will easily fit to your eyes as it's so flexible. They will give your eyes beautiful looks yet so it looks natural. - #RJLashes
Can you guess how many layers of eyelashes does @firmanuchilmakeup need to create this amazing makeup look? Zoom in! Only 1! Surprised? Don't be. Because with #RJLashes , #OneIsEnough . Prove it urself. Thankyou @firmanuchilmakeup for always wearing #RJLashes on your beautiful makeup work ❤