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|| Solo || Sometimes to escapinh solo is the only way to rebuild. . . Flash back to 2019 so many photos from last year I have not posted yet!, not sure what happened, certainly the fires don't make it easy to celebrate. . . Looking back I'm proud that I laid the foundation last year for some new habbits and hobbies and met some amazing new friends. So far January is consuming me with thoughts about this year's priorities and purpose, the fire situation is playing heavily into that as well really putting a new perspective on what's important. . . I want to continue my FPV journey, my underwater journey both Freedive and photography. Its easy to look back and forget that it's the tiny tiny steps that make all the different, that one audiobook suggestion, that one course you do when nobody else will, the random 3 hour drive to meet a stranger, taking a new direction often requires moments of being solo and doing things that are really strange and only justifiable in hindsight. . . If you ever have questions about photos video drones reach out, every question I answer in DM pushes me more and more wanting to do more formal education/courses. There is already somuch already out there ... I guess watch this space. . . #depthsofearth #vibegramz #earthshotz #outdooradventures #solotravelingisfun #letsgetlost #photographer #photographyeveryday #ig_shutterbugs #photographie #awesomeglobe #aov #artofvisual #exklusive_shot #moodygrams #heatercentral #stayandwander #folkgood #illgrammers #way2ill #visualambassadors #justgoshoot #theimaged #exploretocreate #ig_masterpiece
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|| Wish || As you wish upon a star , don't let the bright lights blind you from reality. . . I'm going to continue to pay attention to what people
|| Kindness || When it's dark, feel for kindness. . . My mother taught me what it is to be kind, to look past the sounds and actions of others and listen to their heart. Sometimes it's not easy, but if your willing to take the time and look deep enough you won't find evil hiding in your enemies just misunderstanding. . . It might sound naive at first, some kind of fantasy, but if you look and listen you will hear remarkable stories from the bloodiest of battlefields two enemies both human connecting. Who decided they were enemies? . . It's the stories we are told and that we repeat that divide us, some scar so deep they will take generations to heal. . . Civility when it's uncomfortable is the cornerstone of human survival. Right now I'm both moved and horrified what I read online and if I'm brutally honest my heart aches in confusion. . . I've donated double the money I made on NYE to the various causes and tried to participate in the goodness going around but every time I open my stories, messages of love and kindness are overshadowed by the kindest of souls spewing hatred. . . I Photoshopped in the #Milkyway from another photo of myn. I don't know why but I did. . . #newyearseve #ilovesydney #nye2020 #sydney2020 #depthsofearth #vibegramz #earthshotz #outdooradventures #seeaustralia #letsgetlost #photographer #photographyeveryday #ig_shutterbugs #photographie #awesomeglobe #aov #artofvisual #exklusive_shot #moodygrams #heatercentral #stayandwander #folkgood #illgrammers #way2ill #visualambassadors #justgoshoot #theimaged #exploretocreate #ig_masterpiece
|| Alone || Alone you can strive for enlightenment, but at what cost. . . This one goes out to all those who might feel alone this NYE. It doesn't matter if your hiding behind a lens, blending in at a party or sitting on a rock somewhere staring at the sky. Just know your understood. . . I often debate to myself if NYE is a good thing or not, it can put a lot of pressure on people that might be terrible timing, for me I've had my fair share of amazing and horrific NYE events, some in groups others alone, in remote parts of the world and at home. . . There is one thing that I think it's important for and that is it gives a time and date for you to brutally reflect on how your spending your time and energy and to pay attention to the fact time is slipping by. self check and make sure your happy with how and with whom your spending it. . . With that in mind NYE resolutions are important, and if your not down with the mainstream then set a date in your calendar for yourself and make your own day of reflection. . . But what do I know. I'm as flawed as you. . . . #depthsofearth #vibegramz #earthshotz #outdooradventures #solotravelingisfun #letsgetlost #photographer #photographyeveryday #ig_shutterbugs #photographie #awesomeglobe #aov #artofvisual #exklusive_shot #moodygrams #heatercentral #stayandwander #folkgood #illgrammers #way2ill #visualambassadors #justgoshoot #theimaged #exploretocreate #ig_masterpiece
|| Dreams || You are already living the dream .. it's called life, be content exploring and experimenting. If you do stumble upon something that brings you more joy and consumes your attention then it's time to focus your energy. . . The only people I envy are those that are happy, not at the surface but at their core. The optimism and spirit those people give to the world is invaluable. They rarely shout from the roof tops or sell books and courses , but when you find them they are worth paying attention to, they are the true treasures of humanity. . . This shot from a couple months ago, killed a speed light with salt water (oops!) but had some fun it's been a while since I've shot creatively hope to more this summer. You got any photo ideas you haven't executed yet? . . #depthsofearth #vibegramz #earthshotz #outdooradventures #solotravelingisfun #letsgetlost #photographer #photographyeveryday #ig_shutterbugs #photographie #awesomeglobe #aov #artofvisual #exklusive_shot #moodygrams #heatercentral #stayandwander #folkgood #illgrammers #way2ill #visualambassadors #justgoshoot #theimaged #exploretocreate #ig_masterpiece
|| Tools || In some areas we are a long way from stone tools. . . If only Human intelligence evolved as fast as our technology. Most days I hear the news and think.. wtf! Has there ever been a time in history that the progressive haven't had to drag the rest of us with them. . . I have a strange and somewhat related question, when you drive, do you feel like you
|| Layers || You are not the person you were 10 seconds ago, layers of experience change you. . . Ok I'm not sure where to start but the island of Atiu was an amazing experience, I've tried to show a set of images to match what I'm going to discuss here. . . Reef, this island formed under the ocean and was pushed up out of the water as the tectonic plates shifted. So it is a layer cake of reefs , the first shot shows this with the oldest reef at the top now with some green vegetation and the new reef extending out below. . . This means the island is riddled with caves and sink holes and underwater caves. Bushwalking is basically impossible with sharp rocks and dangerous gaps and old reefs. . . It's only 30 square km and has only a few roads that lead up into the small villages in the middle with a population of only 400 people. . . We had some really unique experiences.... . . We had a guide take us to a cave and after swimming In an candle lit underground pool we sat silently in a cave listening for the Atiu swiftlet found only here that can see in the day and navigates via echo location in the dark. . . We also sat with locals in their community bars/meeting places called a Tumunu and shared the brew they proudly made. . . If you find the bird photo in this set you might ask why not post the one @fraintesa did of it flying , this moment of the bird just landing on the fence post was after one of its first flights where it barely made it down, fly while it's mother watched from the branch above. . . Atiu is a special place with one of a kind experiences and I'm so grateful to have visited. It's not a place for everyone but those of you who want to go know who you are. . . The most fun I had was definitely riding a scooter around and exploring all the reef Cliffed beaches, I'd loved to have seen more caves I know this place has a lot more secrets to reveal. . . Thanks @isolecook for the amazing experience. #IsoleCook #LoveaLittleParadise #Atiu, #PolinesiaNeozelandese, #CookIslands
|| Foot || One foot in front of the other can lead you to magical places, just be sure to look up now and then and check where you are. . . So the second place we visited was Aitutaki and it was hard to leave the hotel, if you saw my stories yesterday you would know what I mean. . . But it's popular here with the huge lagoon to take a day snorkeling tour and visit a few of the islands on the outer edge of the lagoon. One foot island , honeymoon island being a couple of them. The boat let's you get off early and walk along the long white sand banks leading up to the islands and it's just as beautiful as you can see, you just want to be in the water all day. @fraintesa has some more shots on her feed. . . I won't spoil all the great stories of the lagoon but I was fascinated to learn that flying boats/sea planes used to land here because it's so calm. . . Islands with huge reefs around them creating lagoons are really magical things. Hope you enjoy todays set of images , so far the @isolecook has been amazing . . . Big thanks to @fraintesa for jumping in so many photos, and for someone who hasn't dove below the surface while snorkeling before I'm blown away by how calm she is Underwater. If you have tried underwater photos you know how hard it can be so 🙏🙏 be sure to let her know it's impressive. Maybe a fish for Francesca 🐟🐠🐡 . . #IsoleCook #LoveaLittleParadise #Aitutaki, #PolinesiaNeozelandese, #CookIslands #spon
|| Pursuit || In any noble pursuit , you are likely to stumble across beautiful things you never considered to ponder. . . So @fraintesa and @isolecook invited me to visit the cook islands and what an amazing first stop we had at #rarotonga . . From a reef walk to a turtle swim, the Island was amazing for me form the perspective of organisation and communication, the extremely friendly locals have a lot of fun activities you can do is up to you to decide what you want or just stay in a resort and relax. . . It sounds simple but everyone speaking English with a kiwi accent is pretty amazing and that could easily be overlooked as a bonus for a relaxing holiday. The other not obvious thing for me was the reef that surrounds most of the island, that makes a breakwall around the island and essentially creates a calm flat Lagoon for swimming/sup/etc. It's tidal and has some hot spot where the water rushes out but it's something I don't feel like I've encountered before. . . When it came to photos I brought a bunch of gear with me if you want a full list let me know. But the hero and commitment is the housing is not a simple thing to transport but when you snap a 42mpixel photo of a turtle the worries about Airlines and bag sizes fades into the distance. . . @isolecook #IsoleCook #LoveaLittleParadise