Roman Griffin Davis
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Roman Griffin Davis
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Coming home. See you soon Gilby and Hardy. Thank you Jason for pic @jason.c.chen #jojorabbitclones #brothers
Thank you Matthew, Trudie and Celine (my mum too). I can’t wait! 🎥
Congratulations for your nominations : Taika for your amazing 📝. Carthew (and Taika also) for best 🎥 . To Scarlet for best 🎭 and Ra for best 🎨 and Mayes for best🧵 and Tom for best ✂️. #scarlettjohansson
@criticschoice Dear Critics Choice, thank you so much for my acting award. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there. I had to go to school but thank you very much. I would like to also mention I had the incredible support of Archie, Thomasin, Rachel and Taika. Thank you to them too. And thank you Critics for seeing beyond my bad 🦷 🦷.
Taika’s film Jojo Rabbit is about love conquering hate and about children who suffer during times of war. I believe in choosing love. Help Refugees is a UK based charity who help and support refugees in Europe. I believe in supporting refugees. @chooselove #helprefugees @jojorabbitmovie @taikawaititi
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📷 . Thanks Dad.