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SANDRA FREIJ photography
Moon and reflection. 🌙 💫 If only i could show you the thousands of stars that didnt register on the iPhone. One of these moments - universe lies completely open and the sky is not the limit anymore.
💔 A mother took this photo. #Repost @abcnews_au ・・・ A mother took this photo. 〰️ Her two primary school-aged sons are in the boat with her, trying to stay safe from fire in East Gippsland, Victoria. 〰️ It doesn't look like it, but it's daytime. 〰️ Huge fires continue to rage in Victoria and NSW. 〰️ For the latest on the bushfire emergency, follow our live blog by heading to the link in our bio 🔗 〰️ 📸 Allison Marion 〰️ #abcnews #news #breakingnews #australia #australianews #fires #nsw #vic #victoria #bushfires #australianbushfires #emergency #gippsland
What makes me proud this year.⠀ ⠀ ⁠Started the year, humbled to assist a group of incredible young people, with the dream and ambition to call for systemic change for a habitable planet.⠀ ⠀ After the first youthstrikeforclimate I joined likeminded and started PFF UK with a goal to connect and activate the adult generation. Follow our progress on: @parentsforfuture_uk . We connected with people across the world and grew the network over 6 continents/ 23 countries. Together we published an OPED in the Guardian which was followed by publication in newspapers across the world.⠀ ⠀ As well as organising “strike on bike” in London, we also co-hosted debates between Ukscn, Greta Thunberg and parliamentary representatives, eventually leading to the UK declaring a climate emergency. 🌎 Connecting amazing talent from the creative industry we worked on summer fair pledge posters encouraging parents to make a pledge for the environment. 🌎 As summer came to an end we worked alongside the youth and all the global FFF movements to mobilise the adult generation for GLOBAL STRIKE FOR CLIMATE. 7 million people striked across the world. 🌎We asked photographers to support the strikes by heading out documenting the events and sharing under the #photographersforfuture. 🌎We helped raising an excess of 40K through tree planting initiatives. 🌎During the COP25 in Madrid, PFF delivered a plea to policymakers. 🌎I overcame my fear of public speaking and went on the radio to talk about fashion, sustainability and how to celebrate an environmentally conscious x-mas. ⠀ Late 2019- the fashion industry responded, and I now look forward to working on several sustainable projects in the new year. I believe that the creative industries holds power to change mass behaviour. Politics will respond, eventually, when the economics of a greener world is favourable. The world will change, as the young generation get voting power. Until then- I will continue to do everything I can to limit the damage caused. And if all fails... I will always know did everything I could. Judging from all the incredible people i have met this year, i feel hopeful we can turn this around. ❤️
2 degrees celcius 💪 with style .. 💃🏻 Bring on 2020! Happy New Year wonderful people! ❤️
Eat- Walk-Eat-Walk and repeat. Coming from the big smelly city that is never silent or dark - the simplicity is unsettling at first. After a few days here nuances in the repetition appear- like this spot- it never looks the same - always different. The silence harbours so much little noises- the stillness so much tiny movements. The repetition feeds so much thought, reflection and creativity. I’m blessed to have grown up in these woods and I’m blessed to be able to return for strength when it’s needed the most. This year has been unsettling to say the least - politics and environment has put human relations to the test. What comes next? The truth is out- more or less , the environmental decay that we are facing is now widely recognised. What will this year bring? Will it be the year where people - all across the world will start to act, or will it be the year where we find reasons not to? Will we face up to the situation and take responsibility - or will we hide behind convenient excuses to protect the lifestyles we think we can not do without? 11 years to go- according to most scientists, even less- until runaway climate breakdown leaves us with a world spiralling into extinction of life on earth. My wish for the coming year is for people across the world to find the courage to see and to act. One of the best ways of encouraging change is by speaking out and discussing ways of creating change in community, schools, workplace and family. Other ways to create change is to join a march, write to politicians, divest your money away from fossil fuels or to join a community that works actively to battle climate breakdown. You can join me and other parents/ professionals/ individuals across the world and become active with @parentsforfuture_uk , or one of many other similar organisations or start your own initiative. (DM me for details). Whilst it feels like politics has taken a step backwards this year, the people who have raised their voices provide the greatest hope. Imagine if there were twice- 3, 4 times as many.. its an equation where HOPE grows with numbers. Humanity is at a crossroad. At this defining moment of time, let’s all ask ourselves, if not now WHEN?
And.... relax.. 🎄🙏🏽
In the words of @georgemonbiot ”We are the resistance now”. Today i will mourn the possibility of waking up to a more hopeful tomorrow. Tomorrow, i will find the strenght to fight even harder than before for justice, equality, human rights and for a future on this planet for my children. Who is with me? POWER TO THE PEOPLE. ✊🏼#abettertomorrow #theirfutureinourhands
Say no more.. ❤️ #justvote #SHEvotes (and he too please) #new_story with @sarahcobbm and most amazing @s_blomqvist