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Shane Oneill
Not greedy this time 😂🎥 @kevperez
Thanks for all of the birthday and shoe messages. I appreciate them all 🙏
My first signature shoe with @nikesb ! I have been on Nike for 15 years since I was just a young kid and it’s always been a dream. Can’t believe it happened! I wanted to include the good things about shoes that I’d skated throughout those years to create a great skate shoe/everyday shoe. Thanks to everyone at Nike for all of the support and for making this happen. Also a big thanks to everyone supporting either myself or my friends we really appreciate it! Details on the shoe release/more coming soon!
Backside flips!
Drop a ✌️ in the comments and tomorrow I’ll DM a bunch of people to send one thing each for Christmas!
Some fun 🔁 🎥 @kevperez
2019 📱
Before Janoskis 🎥 @syd_row
Switch olllie’s feel goooood
Good times today 🤝 @kevperez