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Came to New York for the weekend + fell in love all over again.
In 2017, an estimated 15 million households were found food insecure. 15% of families in our rural area experience food insecurity. Because I have been given much... I am looking for all of your help. About a month ago me + Garrett received a letter with $100 asking us to do an act of service. So amazing right!? So... We are collecting THANKSGIVING BOX donations from now until November 23rd. So they can be door bell ditched the week of Thanksgiving. If you would like to round up your own 15 items and deliver it in a basket I will list my drop off sites below! For convenience you can also Venmo me $35 and that allows me to go buy everything in this box along with the basket! 100% of everything will be donated. I personally will be buying a fresh TURKEY for each thanksgiving box ⭐️ Please help me lighten the load of so many families. Any donation will be appreciated. Nothing is too small. Here is a grocery list for you to go off of if you would like to purchase your own box and drop off! • large box of potatoes • soup • crackers • canned or packaged fruit • can of sweet potatoes • pie crust • pie filling • (2) cans of veggies • (2) jello • (2) packets of gravy • dessert mix (cookies,cake) • bread or muffin mix • (2) stuffing boxes • cranberry sauce • laundry basket Feel free to drop off at my home or at my studio/Besst Realty. 50 s main in Brigham Venmo : @shelby-m-Evans If you know of any families that would benefit please feel free to reach out 💕 If you are unable to donate please share this post to your page or tag a friend to join forces. The more faces that see this the more people we are able to help 💕
We’re droppin’ Holly Hedges
27 // Happy Birthday Garrett Evans. I love you fiercely.
To the girl that answers the door every time I “ring twice”. My sister. My best friend. And the best mom this baby boy will ever know. She makes me a better human. Happy birthday to my girl. 🌸 I can’t wait to see you be a mama.
Me + Jude labored really hard today. . . . Ft. @captaincasey123 nipple
Life with him is everything perfect. Yesterday, I asked Garrett Evans when the last time he felt “ornery” was. Because I legit couldn’t think of a time he has ever been rude or ornery! Especially never around or towards me. And he wouldn’t say it (you know...because he is perfect AND humble) but, I know he couldn’t think of a time. Life with him is fun. It’s easy. If you know him then you know. Because, let’s be honest...I need someone this perfect to calm all my crazy down. 😜
This trip so far has literally been a blur. ⚡️ But, you know it’s been a good trip when we’ve only taken 3 pictures. Running around like children with Garrett is my favorite EVER. I will never get over it.
Please don’t make us come home. No but really....I don’t want to physically get in this plane.
These workout views are alright I guess. . . I’ve been so lucky to have a husband that pushes me. I love that I get to workout with him when we are on vacations + he gets to teach me new workouts or help me with my form. Usually he works out at 4:45am and I’m not about that life 🤢so we workout separately. But it’s been fun here to run along the coastline together and compare sweat marks😜 and I’m just bracing myself for owing $2.00 in the Evans family jar this week 🍪🍫🍰