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Central Kalahari wilderness. 100s km's of flat dry nothingness. 2nd pic Makgadagadi Pans on the horizon #wilderness #botswana
What would a Zululand home be without geckos in summer eating all the insects on the walls and windows. Amazing how big their eggs are? #geckos
Every one counts. X rays on a suspected leg injury #pangolinconservation rvation @africanpangolinconservation #mwedzi
A little under weight but time to recover out the boma. We walked this cow and calf out a few days ago to fatten up on all the green grass now available. Both have healed sufficiently and with a last deticking and treatment they are good to go. Big thanks to @thecycleoflifect for assisting with treatment costs for these two
This has to be the luckiest and bravest pangolin in the world. Picked up by chance by Dr Rampf on a district road near Houdspruit in Oct 2018. Bordering Kruger. Abandoned, confused and possibly run over or hit by a car judging by the black rubber marks. Dehydrated and showing signs of concussion this little male pangolin weighed in at only 1.7kg and weeks old. It's possible he fell out a poachers car. 1st pic. He was then transfered to nearby vet clinic for immediate attention. Later transfered to the @johannesburgwildlifevet. Under the careful eye and care of @_nicci_wright_ and @lourenskarin he slowly recovered, picked up weight and learnt to walk straight and eat ants. After many months of care he was transfered to @andbeyondphinda when ants and termites became scarce as winter set in on the highveld. Intensive care continued with @nataliacasadobolanos @willclothierphotography and @lenosierra and other members of the @andbeyondphinda team providing around the clock feeding expeditions for ants and milk to gain weight. Been so small we assisted opening up termite and ants nests on occasions. Over months this little pangolin gained weight to a point he was ready for release into the wild which happened in November 19 after rains made the ground soft and ants active and abundant. He has been rewilded for over 6 weeks now and has settled into an area and now weighs 7.5kg and growing daily. As featured on @natgeowild by @alexbraczkowski What a remarkable story and perhaps one of the luckiest pangolins alive. Proving that with hardwork, team work and collaboration we can give them a second chance and perhaps save a species. Special thanks to all involved in his remarkable story. @africanpangolinconservation @oak_foundation @andbeyondtravel #pangolinconservation
There are now more rhinos on private conservation land than state parks in South Africa and by default Africa. More than 50% are secured and conserved by private reserves, game farms and properties. This percentage is increasing every year and it won't be long at this rate it will top 65% But even on private reserves this effort is becoming harder as security costs esculate, demand for black market horn continues to increase placing greater risk on the fewer remaining animals. As well as rhino's loosing their financial value. Were as before we could sell rhino's for high prices to fund security and conservation efforts they now have no monetary value and are seen as a risk rather than an asset worth investing and protecting. This animal will be moved to a new startup reserve to create a new population. A rare occurance these days.
This mornings patient. This little female white rhino calf was spotted a week ago with massive infected wounds on her rear. Infected and full of maggots both mom and calf were treated. Covered in ticks and in very poor condition. 2nd pic. Follow up treatment today. Ticks removed, wounds flushed and treated with antiseptic ointment, given a horn trimming and some pink colour to lift the spirits. We suspect victims of the long dry winter months and delayed rains. Poor to no grass caused loss of condition resulting in heavy tick loads, low milk production, poor immunity and the ticks ate away the flesh causing flies, maggots and infection. Follow up treatment again in a few days but they both should recover now with meds, removal of ticks and better quality grass
A massive thanks to @thecycleoflifect charity for their donation and support of APU kit for our team. Dedicated, trained and lastly well equipped apu personal is a key to successfully protecting our park and its wildlife, especially rhino's. Here a sample of the big supply is handed over by @simgodfrey from the charity to the team. Tents, stoves, solar systems, uniforms, bivvies, binos, bags and webbing amongst other items is handed over. Much appreciated!!!
What makes these Temmincks Ground Pangolins so special at @andbeyondphinda are that all have come out of the trade. They have been rescued from poachers and criminal syndicates. All destined to die and scales and flesh sold. The following are a few that have been released and given a 2nd chance and thriving in their new homes. Swipe left 1st this male feeding. 2nd few weeks prior had been found in a poachers cupboard near Loius Trighart. 3rd. Female emerges from her burrow in late afternoon. 4th.few weeks prior been kept under this plastic container 5th. A new release sunbathing a few days ago. 6th. Only a few weeks ago found in the boot of this car 7th. Male out feeding. 8th few weeks ago recovered on Zambezi Drive in Pretoria. This work is a team effort and special thanks to @africanpangolinconservation and @johannesburgwildlifevet @lourenskarin @_nicci_wright_ and all their volunteers and donors that support those organisation. Our law enforcement that succeeds in obtaining these lucky few. Our donors at Phinda @oak_foundation @cparkerdk and @andbeyondtravel guests who have changed expensive tracking tags with us. Spare a thought for those pangolins that weren't so lucky #pangolin #pangolinconservation
Our 2 male cheetah with 9 lives were released out the boma yesterday. These guys were orphaned at 7 months and have managed to survive the gauntlet with a little help from us. The infected bone surgery went well from a. Few weeks ago and he has fully recovered. The only injury, which persists from 2 years ago is a gash on the elbow which despite numerous attempts to stitch keeps opening due to the mobility of the skin in that area. One final stitch attempt was done before release with a small impala snack to ensure they acclimatise out the comforts of the boma with full bellies. 5 out of 9 lives done for these two amazing cats #cheetah