Sean Podrecca
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Sean Podrecca
Wren Olivia Podrecca came into this world today at 20” and 8lbs 3oz. We look pretty good for less than 6hrs of sleep over the past 48. And she got to meet her grandparents who came all the way up from TN to meet her for only just a few hours!
Treat yo’ self... #totemcams #blueridgemountainguides #tradisrad
Took Benny canoeing... wasn’t his favorite but he got to go swimming after which made it worthwhile
T-Rex sighting in #rockymountainnationalpark #lumpysridge #firstdescents #fd
My new toys! Thanks to #daggerkayaks and #firstdescents for getting lead staff hooked up! Ready for some late summer and fall boatin’
Benny learned to swim!
Summited Seneca today. 5 pitches in 90 degree weather. Oh, and Denise did it all while 6 months pregnant! #mountainmomma #madrock #hotasballs #westvirginiamountainmama
Family photo
Whelp, she has a head... see you in a few months, thanks for waiting till after the summer to greet us!
Last game of the year, made it home for a make up game. Team came in 3rd. 3 goals, 2 assists for the season. #pondscum #fcaha