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Serena Dai
Mochi-stuffed French toast wtf
Fried squid sandwich is real carbs on carbs, and also, delicious #eaterny
So fun to chat with @zillianzi about her book “Number One Chinese Restaurant”! Thanks to everyone who came out. It’s out in paperback now, and a fun fictional look at the crazy dynamics at a multigenerational family Chinese restaurant. 📸: @strood
✨She tastes as good as she looks ✨ Can’t believe it took me this long to eat the Ops calzone 😍
Garlicky and buttery lobster, lots and lots of frites, and a totally chill celebrity sighting make up the recipe for an ideal night at the new Pastis. ✨✨
Check out this guy I picked up on the canals 😍 📷: @strood
Dips for dinner always. A whipped ricotta with 🍯, one of several things to eat with bread at Miss Ada
✨My favorite magnet ✨ I bought it at a Bushwick market years ago. Do you know the artist? If so, hit me up, I want a Sailor Mars one. 🔥
Just a lil roast pork snack between meals 🐷
HELLO to this Vietnamese coffee ice cream tiramisu, a textural beaut that’s only available on Friday and Saturday at the bigger Morgenstern’s