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Suna Pilates
You can’t get much better than that!!! We have been doing HIIT for 20 years. We know what your body needs and wants so trust us when we say you need functional fitness, interval training, focus on posture with every movement… all these things we have been doing since we were established 20 years ago. We have helped thousands of people so come in and we will take care of you. We want you to feel great, look great, age well, move well and just be the best you possible!
When the going gets tough remember to pull your armpits to hips to keep your chest open. We always prefer quality over quantity.
From the moment you say “exercise” your expectation is that your body will say it with you. But that’s not always the case. There’s so much more to being fit than just lifting weights or dieting. And so much fun to be had! So come into Suna and get started on being the best you possible! It’s a fact. Exercise is not the only path to being fit. Not everyone benefits from the same type of movement. Our bodies’ age differently, are in a constant state of change, and have life events that greatly impact how well we can reach premium wellness. Wondering where to start? It’s easy, come to Suna and join the MOVEMENT. And we mean this literally! NEW on the blog at
2 Week Pilates Trial + 2 Personal Training Sessions for $99! PLUS share with a friend + split the cost!! 👌(Just $49.50 each) Get 2 Week's Unlimited Pilates Classes + 2 PT Pilates sessions. Comment BUDDY to get this Limited Offer now! Link in bio.... or tap the pic for the Voucher option and give wellbeing for Christmas!!
THREE Personal Training Sessions just $150 right now. That's $50 per session! This would be a fantastic Christmas Pressie so grab the deal now! (RRP $235)
Summer is all about building strength as our bodies are ready to get strong. Lets do this 💪🏻
Find out what exercise works - and WHY it works! Join us free on Facebook Live to get insights that will help you hit your goals. Susie will explain why sometimes you can exercise your heart out and not see any result for all your efforts... Find out what makes Functional Fitness so effective. What is HIIT and why is it such a hot trend? Why are we so obsessed with correct Posture in exercise? What can Pilates offer you, and why is Suna Pilates more Fitness Focused than traditional classes? Get the answers to all this and more with Susie, 8pm tomorrow, October 30th, Link in bio!
Slide into the long weekend Suna style 💚 We have added some more reformer classes so don’t forget to check it out. Have a good one team!
Picture your best functioning body when you could do anything…. We want to get it better than that!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 And that’s just in our normal classes. Imagine what can be achieved with our rehab PT sessions!
Summer is just round the corner so lets swim into it! You may come across the Breast stroke this week and it will do absolute wonders for your posture especially challenging the upper & mid back. Reach your hands forward and open up into your extension to feel the wonders.