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Taylor Keating
A world to stock, a world to sell... I got the rainbow mentos.
I wish we all still looked up and around during the mundane moments.
Good morning St. Patrick’s cathedral! I had a funny feeling while walking inside this building that the artists who erected this towering mass of sculpture were more of gods themselves than the ones they lay all the credit too. Although perhaps it was their belief in a higher power and beauty that enabled them to have the faith to build something so monumentally exquisite in the first place. It’s kind of a chick and egg situation.
NYC tonight
I remember the first time I walked into a guitar store when I was eleven. I remember I thought it so bizarre no batteries or wall adapters would be needed for the electric guitar to send a signal out of its matrix-taketheredpill-esque jack. To me, the guitar possessed its own living breathing energy somehow. I plugged an Epiphone into an amp, discovered the breakup of distortion, and the power to communicate emotions I hadn’t been able to understand at that point. It’s been a passion ever since.
Colorado is currently confused about the seasons, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy like Millie here 🍁🍂🥶
“Here’s looking at you kid” two beautiful Bryce Canyon mule deer on a recent trip there.
Seasons for me are a constant reminder of birth, youth, life, aging, passing on, and the persistence of the planet ever spinning. Spring has flung and its a very inspiring time to watch all this new life budding up. Here’s a very tiny bloom in the last minutes of light outside of Bryce Canyon. I believe they call this a popcorn flower. It’s oh so small about the size of my little finger nail and I’m currently camped in a field of thousands of them.
Finally decided to move into my minivan for awhile, and subsequently redubbed my car’s name to “Clarence.” (Because it’s got no clearance!) I have a tradition of naming my vehicles as characters from the film “It’s a wonderful life” and if you remember Clarence is the guardian angel that comes down and saves George Bailey from despair. I think that in a way my car has helped me escape a lot of routine and despair in my life. So far it’s been an incredible journey for Clarence and I, sleeping somewhere new each night, driving 4wd roads no mommy missile has dared before, playing Red Hot Chili Peppers licks on my travel Stratocaster, and hiking the desert in it’s blooming prime! I feel so fortunate to be alive and happy when each day is new and the landscape undiscovered. This photo was captured with one very very dim light in the inside of my minivan, and my headlamp illuminating the front. 30 sec exposure f/5 iso unknown