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The acoustic version we did of “Hallucinations” is out now! Link in bio.
So excited to head out on the road with @iamhalsey this summer! Tickets on sale 1/17.
Watch the music video for Old Wounds. Link in bio.
“Old Wounds” music video. Tomorrow.
Thanks @spotify for putting @lynngvnn on the cover of your Fierce Femmes playlist! Link in bio. 📷 @lindseybyrnes
I’m on a flight currently here trying to think of a caption for this post... I’m not really sure what to say about this EP other than that it’s yours to listen to and that steps it took to get here, releasing it, were very confusing and strange. I couldn’t decide until a few weeks ago what we’d even name it, but sitting here reflecting, it feels relevant now. life the last two years felt like it was put through a tornado and around every corner was another distraction and obstacle, something dismantling and disorienting. I kept being pulled out of my comfort zone, forced to confront many fears in myself and others... once you conquer one battle, the others will always pop up, (I think life will always be that way. But you get stronger and stronger every time, if you let yourself!) In the midst of all the chaos, new music had to be compiled. I was put into sessions with new collaborators constantly but most days I was just too tired, confused, and detached. It’s very hard to tune into your emotions when everything around you is shifting and falling out from under you. Luckily, when I first stepped in the room with him, JT could sense that, understand it and nurture it. Instead of looking for gold in the present moment, forcing something new, we looked backwards. I wrote both ‘Old Wounds’ and ‘Nightmare’ 3 years ago in hotel rooms in Brooklyn, before our second record was even released. ‘Death of Me’, in my apartment bedroom about a year later in between tours for that record. ‘Hallucinations’ around the same time and ‘Things Are Better’ just this last spring. This EP has a little taste of the distant past and recent past. It feels like a jumbled mess of playing catch-up. None of them are really connected to the other, there’s no rhyme or reason or hidden concepts, they’re simply songs that felt pure in the moment and songs that felt like they needed to be heard while the rest gets unpacked and processed. With everything that’s happened, I didn’t know what to say or how to even say it, but recently I’ve been figuring it out and gaining some clarity. Here’s the Hallucinations EP, now buckle up and get ready for the album.
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Hallucinations EP | 10.25.19 ⠀ ⠀ 📷 @lindseybyrnes
@lynngvnn will be on @beats1official with @travismills today at 4pm PT. Listen on @applemusic here: apple.co/travis