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The Whale Centre
Mok-she-kla-chuk, or “smoking water,” is the traditional Nuu-chah-nulth name for the Hot Springs, which have been long used for sacred healing purposes. ••• We are boating up to Hot Springs Cove daily at 9:30 am. Book a 6 hour tour with us on a covered and heated cabin cruiser! Hot Springs includes boating, (hopefully) Whale Watching, a hike on a 2 km boardwalk and soaking in the natural Hot Springs for 2 hours. ••• Want to learn more about the history of Hot Springs? Read Michael Kaehn’s new book The Hot Springs Cove Story! ••• #hotspringscove #tofino #thewhalecentre #vancouverisland #hotsprings #explorebc #maquinnamarineprovincialpark
A visit from the Bigg’s Killer Whales T049B’s this afternoon in the Tofino Harbour. This gang of three is now 4! They had a new calf! We observed them travelling to Fortune Channel. Beautiful evening on the water. ••• Photo: @jennifersteven #tofino #killerwhales #thewhalecentre
Sea Lions are pinnipeds (fin footed). We see them on our Whale Watching and Hot Springs Cove Tours. They can weigh up to 1,000 kg, live an average of 15-20 years and move in the water at about 16 knots. They are related to walruses and seals. Seal Lions congregate in gregarious groups called herds or rafts that can reach up to 1,500 individuals. •••• photo: @jennifersteven #tofino #sealions
Black Bear basking in the morning sun. Howie took this photo last week on one of his Bear Watching Tours! Only a few more weeks left before the bears move to the rivers to feast on salmon. •••• Photo: Howie Tom #tofino #bearwatching #explorebc
Did you know we offer Hot Springs Cove Tours year round from Tofino? • Depart at 9:30 am • Enjoy a covered cabin cruiser boat ride 1.5 hours up the coast. • Walk on the boardwalk to the Hot Springs. • Soak for 2 hours in the natural Hot Springs. • Bring your lunch and drinks. • Wear good walking shoes. • Tour is 6 hours. • View whales and other marine life! • Book online or call us! _________ #hotspringscove #tofino #explorebc
A rare visit from the Bigg’s Killer Whales T028’s and T121A’s off the Glory Hole near Tofino. Our afternoon tours were able to view these gangs socializing, breaching, spyhopping, hunting and traveling. ••• Photo: @jennifersteven #tofino #killerwhales
A visit from the T109A’s last night in Herbert Inlet. The gang was not all there. T109A2 and her offspring were missing. We have been expecting her to break off. •••• Bigg’s Killer Whales tend to travel as a matriline - a female and her offspring, however, members may split off from the group, especially mature daughters and her offspring. Because Transient Killer Whales hunt mammals, the optimal number of whales in one group is 3 - 7 individuals. This structure allows them to effectively hunt. If T109A2 has broken off the gang is now down to 5 whales. •••• Photo: @jennifersteven #killerwhales #tofino #transientorcas #whalewatching #croppedphoto #explorebc
Rainny • T011A • born 1978 ▪️▪️▪️ He has been a frequent visitor to Clayoquot Sound with his mother Wakana (T011). We have not seen him with her since October 2018. Wakana shared “oldest living female” status with T010, aka Langara. Both were born in 1964. Rainny has been seen on the West Coast this spring and summer traveling solo or with other gangs. I think it is safe to say since Wakana has not been seen in many months she has sadly passed away. John and I have spent many hours on the water watching, photographing and enjoying this mother-son team. We are going to miss seeing Wakana with her recognizable dorsal fin in our waters with her son. ▪️▪️▪️ Rod documented that it took a few years to gain the confidence of these whales. Today we were beside Rainny and he stopped to swim back to our boat, said hello and then turned around and carried on down the coast. He has a beautiful dorsal fin with a few tiny new nicks. ▪️▪️▪️ photo: @jennifersteven #tofino #killerwhale #vancouverisland #whalewatching
Long Beach was looking tropical this past week. A visit from the Bigg’s Killer Whales T109A’s and T097. *** We had not seen the T109A’s since the winter and we new they were due to appear any day in Clayoquot Sound. They were with T097, a bull born in 1980, who we have only seen once here in 2011. *** The Killer Whales were heading up the coast on Monday and then came down the coast on Tuesday. They made several seal kills on Monday! They were last seen of Wickanninish Beach. *** Photo: @jennifersteven #tofino #whales #killerwhales
Great news for whales! Canada has banned whale, porpoise and dolphin captivity and breeding. Bill S-203 will also outlaw the import and export of whales including sperm and embryos. And the Canadian government is moving forward with a plan to ban single-use plastics in the country by 2021. Photo: @jennifersteven ••• #tofino #killerwhales #savetheocean #cleanoceans