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Tom Prier
Two photos taken at a time that isn’t now in a place that I’m not in anymore 🤔 Media Guy: @jamieson_max Place: Morgins, Switzerland Time: Euro Summer 2019
Some non-biking photos to break up the constant stream of 2 wheel antics Photo 1: Sunset on a mountain Photo 2: Uncle @bradley_sloane birthday party Photo 3: Post ‘Tour de Mont Bonk’ dinner
Whats cookin good lookin 😍🤤 • Beyond excited to start this new journey working for @yt_industries x @dayzerobike and what better way to kick it off than with my own dream build! • A lot of great New Zealanders behind this bad girl, can’t thank everyone enough! @wideopennz for the beautiful cockpit, wheels and grippy things, @worrallsnz for the bling bling @srammtb AXS kit and of course @dayzerobike for bringing the whole thing together.
Fun Fact: The long weekend is called the long weekend because it’s longer than the other weekends, now you wouldn’t read about that... 📷: @jamieson_max
Me and @jake___byrne probably trying to find another rock to roll off, because that’s how you show how powerful and manly you are... #chicksloverockrolls #dontknowifthatstrue 📷: @daisymaddinson
Hands up if you miss Morzine 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 📷: @captyvate
Ah well it’s not quite Morzine but it will have to do... Pan and zoom guy: @logangiddy Bikes: are good Ride: or don’t
Mountain biker performs classic mountain biker pose on top of mountain with bike #coolstorybro
Day 23 without bikes: Starting to have hallucinations, feeling dizzy. Craving dirt. Considering running down the trails pretending I have a bike. Keeping myself sane by doing nothing. Didn’t work. Have now gone insane. Stay tuned for more...
Bit of rain recently, trails are damp-ish... #soopitteddude #surftheworld