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Tyler Kord
I wrote a chicken cookbook for @food52 and it comes out next week! Barbara made this chicken art for the cover but we ended up going with a beautiful photo by @jamesransom_nyc with art direction from @alexisanthony and there is a link in my bio if you'd like to preorder one!! Please do that! #dynamitechicken
We are getting so old and I'm sorry about that. It's not entirely my fault but it is also kind of my fault and again, I'm sorry. Come by on Thursday and let me buy you a drink as an apology? Also we're raising money for Raices so help us do something nice in our old age!!
Top 3 Dinosaurs In a Bag of Dinosaurs From Tops 2019
We like the fish francese @randazzos_clambar !!!
You guys!!! This is happening tomorrow! I will be there making broccoli tacos and I want to see all of your beautiful faces!! I'm sorry for shouting but this will be a super fun party for a super important cause!!! Buy tickets at loveandvictory.com/shop !!
Look at this beautiful photo by @colewilson !!! I wrote about food and my brother in law, Luca, for a great big spread about Italian American restaurants for Bon Appetit! Also, when I sent the link to my sister @sossoemily she pointed out that I was actually supposed to be her best man at the wedding and now I am confused. But I will put the link to the story in my bio anyway! And there are so many great pieces including ones by @realjoeyfatone , @staceyabrams , and @emmastraub so look through the whole thing because it is fun!!
I'm working brunch tomorrow!!! Come eat and there will be @rancho_gordo beans and poached eggs and bacon and onions and pickled tomatoes and cheese! Potentially all on one plate!!!
This book is beautiful!! Thank you so much @lagrottaices !!! I can't wait to make all of the ice creams and sorbets!!
Life is so tough some times, but also I just made this noodle.
Well, I was supposed to be in Indonesia by now but it turns out that for most international flights, your passport expires 6 months before it says it does. So I spent the morning in DC saying goodbye to my favorite passport photo ever, being intimidated by awesome art and eating US Senate Bean Soup in the Capitol building. It was a pretty awesome day aside from the passport thing. And now I have a new one and I'm about to board a flight to Bali!!