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Vincent Beier S. Kaspersen
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Only a Week after being publicly shamed for being feminine, I was shooting with and for my childhoods first and greatest public ally! Life is insane! Thank you for this @hauslabs @nicolaformichetti @ladygaga
Determined !
Dead! Thank u @hauslabs @ladygaga !
He obviously works in fashion
Cleaned! No more space for stigmatizing people or toxic masculinity in my own safe space đź’”
My friends in the danish fashion industry are less then before, my career has potentially been damaged and some people has been cut out of my life! Was it all worth it? I can’t tell you. It was never my own choice to be personally violated or humiliated on national tv. Sadly Chris, Lotte and Dr K doesn’t know what they have done or why they are stigmatizing and hurting me, and a minority. They are not interested in understanding or apologizing, which to me, tells exactly why they shouldn’t be in a position to speak about sensitive subjects as this. And I deeply hope they never will, at least not without understanding. They have taken advantage of their powerful position, and are putting my mental health at stake. I have learned so far, that It is important to speak up! It is important to say no when you are being attacked, stigmatized or discriminated! It is important to stand up for yourself and for being your most authentic! Even though it is emotionally the hardest thing! Last but def not least! Thank you for all your support in this case! I am getting better everyday! And still overwhelmed how understanding you all are! Hopefully we can, at some point, get the justice we are looking for
As kids we learn to be our most authentic selves and I have always strived to be so. Being an extremely feminine boy has never been a choice for me. It is how I feel the best, the most comfortable and the most beautiful. It is who I am, how I am and it always has been and always will be. The world doesn’t see people like me as acceptable, so walking out the door has always been extremely challenging. I am greeted with judgmental staring, nasty call outs and unsafe situations on a daily. I know when I walk out the door in the morning, that I can’t be a 100% sure how I’m gonna return. I am putting my own mental and physical health at risk every time I chose to go out of my home. That in itself is a lot to manage growing up, but I have never doubted that being myself is worth it! I am used to dealing with the people I pass on the street and can handle the situations I meet. But to have the nasty call outs on national tv without my knowledge is not something I can or should handle! I am not asking our entire country to be against me or the fact that I wear dresses. So far all I am meet with from DR and the team behind is a neglect of what they are putting me through. I am being told that “we are celebrating diversity”, “we are sorry if u are feeling violated” and “sorry if it can seem hurting”! You hurt and violated me and need to stand up for it! Apologize to me and my community, like we teach our kids to do. Know that you made a mistake and learn from it! Edit blaming, “we aren’t talking about you” or “we believe we are celebrating diversity” excuses are not apologizing. You have hurt me! You have hurt people like me and you have hurt our community! We are fighting to be us and should be celebrated while doing so! That the hosts and tv station, who are in a much more powerful position than us, don’t see the issues or keep neglecting their responsibility is problematic and a conversation that needs to be talked! The case is not closed and won’t be. The conversations are too important to stop now
@drk_tv aired this thursday a program with the theme “dresses for men”. On national television an extremely respected fashion critic calls me wrong, for being a boy wearing a dress. Without any knowledge or chance to defend myself I am now personally violated on national tv. Thank you for that @drk_tv In the rest of the program they conclude that a man needs to be way more masculine then me, to be able to be sexy in a dress. “Boys are boys and girls are girls” the fashion critic concludes and they then agree that a man ain’t able to wear a dress in 2019. You have ethically made a program so wrong, it is beyond. You are crossing the line for so many people. And you are hanging me out on national tv without any wish to understand or apologize! You should be so beyond ashamed of yourself