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The #ClimateCrisis isn’t a future problem, it’s a NOW problem. It’s time to take action. Average global temperatures are expected to rise, which could lead to desertification & smaller harvests in Sub-Saharan Africa. If global temperatures increase by 4°C by the year 2100, maize yields in some African countries would probably decline by more than 20%, according to a study published last year. #FridaysForFuture #ClimateAction
Restoring and conserving forests – the lungs of our planet – is a critical part of the climate solution Because they take carbon from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, forests are often referred to as “the lungs of the world.” Preserving Africa’s surviving tropical forests and planting new trees to replace those lost to deforestation could help reduce the severity of climate change by absorbing more carbon from the air, and ease the local impact of climate change by regulating local weather conditions #ClimateCrisis
Happy #worldrhinoday2019 ! We want to celebrate by sharing some of our amazing #Conservation #SuccessStories with you !🎉 Enjoy our IG stories👆 on #SumatranRhinos
We need a #NewDealForNature & People We don't have a Planet B #ClimateCrisis is catching up! #ClimateMarch for action!
Together, we can make a difference. Will you use your voice to call for real action to stop the #ClimateCrisis ? #ClimateMarch #fridaysforfuture
Your mind must arrive at the destination before you do, but only through deliberate actions can you follow suit and arrive where your mind has. Green spaces and an increased forest cover, is a dream for all of us as youth, on Saturday the 14th of September, Stand Up Shout Out Nairobi division in partnership with the Kibra Kenya Scouts, deliberately went out to create a green space #LittleKarura in Kibera (near the SUSO Nairobi Library). The activity was conducted through the famous Earth Beat Challenge that is a combination of tree planting activities, a game show, survival challenges, team building activities (capacity building) and conservation education. As a team united by our ethos UBUNTU, @standupshoutout through one of our #Iam4Nature Ambassadors @itspetermoll,worked to ensure that the destination where our minds have arrived, one where the earth is painted green and our future is secure, starts with us. A journey of a thousands miles starts with one step, the journey to an earth painted green starts with our deliberate actions to create green spaces in our own capacities. DM them, email them, Join them today and take the journey with them. We are so proud of the collaboration between the scouts and the change makers and its fascinated us to find out that when a scout says:
Picture this - the Mara Ecosystem without the #MaraRiver … unimaginable right? Together let’s tackle the pressures on this critical freshwater resource. We kill it through unsustainable human activities, we kill livelihoods and wildlife in the vast Mau - Mara - Serengeti ecosystem
The #MaraRiver sustains what is considered the 8th wonder of the world. Some call it the world’s greatest wildlife migration phenomenon. The river also supports livelihoods of more than 1.1 million people in Kenya and Tanzania #MaraDay
#DYK vast floodplains along the Niger River & the river itself are home to threatened species such as the West African manatee, hippopotamus & black-crowned crane? The Niger contains 243 🐠🐠 species in 36 families, of which 20 species are found nowhere else 😲 #NewDealForNature
The #Amazon is the biggest deforestation front in the world, but did you know if we continue to lose more trees it’s future could be much drier? Putting out the current fires is the immediate priority, but if we want to save the Amazon for generations to come, we must end deforestation! Please keep raising your voices by sharing our social media posts today. If we lose the Amazon, we lose the fight against climate change, as well as unique plants and animals found nowhere else on our planet. #ShareOurPlanet @ourplanet #ActForAmazonia