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#repost @maggiemotivates • • • • • • 2•for•1 🤗 when the opportunity to start teaching outdoor classes became available here in new york i knew i had to do them. it wasn’t even a question that i had to be face-to-face with my people again, connect with them, feel their energy and let them feel mine. but i also knew i couldn’t just leave my virtual people behind. there was a whole group of them who had been taking at-home virtual classes with me for months and they depended on them, looked forward to them, needed them. i couldn’t let them down! so what’s an instructor to do? 2 for 1, of course!👏🏼 i started recording my live in-person class and posting those as my pre-recorded virtual class! there have been technical difficulties and forgotten equipment. there’s been 100 degree days, thunderstorms, and dancing in the pouring rain. there’s been no shortage of obstacles, but in true zumba spirit... we have always overcome.💜🕺🏼 . . . . @zumba @zincommunity @albertoperlman @zumbabeto #zumba #zinstudio #outdoorzumba #virtualzumba #zumbavirtual #outdoorclassroom #2for1 #overcome #inperson #athome #multitasking